The Fungus Business

When I have something on my mind, I tend to go over it again and again to work it out if it is a problem. Or I think about it if it is a good thing and I want it to last. I live in my head sometimes as I have been told. Sometimes, the ideas are rich and sometimes they are just plain mundane.

Take the case of a business proposition I had from a friend. He had just recovered from a toenail fungus battle and won. He created his own home remedy, like so many out there, but was sure it was better and would bring in some big bucks on the Internet. I wasn’t convinced, but I like a challenge and said I would consider the possibilities.

Online I went and to my surprise there were hundreds of sites extolling the benefits of their particular product. I guess a lot of people have this condition making me think a business addressing it could be profitable after all. So I started to contemplate the enterprise. How good was my friend’s tonic? Had anyone else tried it? Where did he even get the idea!

Too much thinking. Now I had to take action and write a business plan and look at the competition.

  • Creation of the product
  • Manufacturing the product
  • Creating a website
  • Marketing the product

o   Testimonials

o   Advertising and PR

  • Shipping and customer service
  • Growth plan for the future

o   On site sales

All this to fix ugly toenails! Listen, you can make money in many ways. I showed my friend, and we both agreed that it would take time, but not much money. How could we lose? I was starting to get excited. Creating a business from scratch is great food for the brain and a challenge begging for a creative solution. We started to organize the project and hired a graphic designer to do a winning Infographic. We also researched health sites that might embed a link to ours.

A good-looking website is hard to imagine when it comes to toenail fungus but we want the images to be surrounded with great color and meaningful headlines. We wrote our own text and started to project a launch date. I really liked the look of one of the most popular sites on this topic, which is – so I included their site in our collection of design samples that we sent to our web designer.

Now it is still in the works pending a solution to the ordering and payment software selection and how to keep pace if we get volume purchases. We have a small compounding pharmacy on board but no idea if they can product enough product to meet demand. We also need a contact list of prospective customers.

It’s fun but takes more effort than I originally thought, so it is not a reality as yet. It is my friend’s deal in actuality, but I like seeing something come to fruition no matter what it is. This product could help people which is an added plus. Now we need a celebrity spokesperson. Ha! No clue how to do this but, again, it is a challenge I am ready to meet.

Food For Thought – What Should I Eat


I once had a friend who said there are two types of people in the world: those who eat to live and those who live to eat. I hope I am somewhere in the middle. As an American, I love to eat. The wide variety of cultures and peoples that make up this country bring to it some of the most distinct and best food on the planet. Stores are packed with ethnic versions of foods not seen here 30 years ago. The American diet seems to be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper, snack, midnight snack. It’s not that we are focused on food, but our lives are fast paced and we burn lots of calories. Now I really wonder if you believe that.

Yet over my life time I continue to get more and more suspicious of all the nutrition and dietary fads that now are everywhere. Adkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, gluten free, transfat free. It is really beginning to get maddening that whatever I do it will either be wrong or change in another year. I tend to stay in pretty good shape and watch what I eat, with the exceptions of Super Bowls, New Years Day, and the requisite holiday celebrations. But after three decades of trying to do the right thing, I am starting to believe eating is not a luxury but a necessity. I need to stop feeling guilty about what I eat and start being smarter about how I live.

They say you are what you eat. If that is the case, then I am mostly vegetable with a thin layer of fat and not much meat. But that can’t be right last time I looked in the mirror. I am reasonably sure that a significant part of me is preservatives, which may make me live longer. I have watched my salt intake but still end up with a good amount of preservatives in my food. Now they say that is bad, but at this point it is hard to tell based on what the doctor said at my last physical exam.

Which brings me to the point of just exactly is it we are supposed to eat and what are we to avoid. Who should I believe? The government once had a food pyramid but now has something that looks like a rhombus. I think. The First Lady is trying to replace high carb lunches with stuff any kid in their right mind would throw in the garbage. And they spend money to do a study to discover not only that kids are filling up school lunchrooms with the new dietary plans, but that the reason kids throw the food away is because they think it tastes crappy. Surprise.

Some argue a government control thing with this, but I don’t agree. It’s just the First Lady being National Mom. Now as for those corporations, that is another story. It seems pretty clear that they have more control over what most Americans eat because they manufacture it. Salt is a natural preservative, and cheap, so companies load down their products with salt. That contributes to an increased risk of heart disease, which doctors then give you a prescription medication to counter its effects. Then they tell you to eat less salt. Someone is chasing their tail here.

One alternative is to go all natural. No preservatives, home garden grown, mercury free, salt free. That seems like a good plan but the problem is that where can most people find these foods? Forget WalMart. Farmer’s markets are a great idea except in most places they aren’t year round. The main source of natural foods will be local specialty stores or healthy sections n the local supermarket. Stop and think about that for a second. A place where you buy food to eat has a healthy section. Then what is all the other food supposed to be?

But the bottom line for most people is the bottom line – price. Who can afford a $5 jar of 16 ounces of peanut butter once a month? The better you try to eat, the more it costs. If I turn that logic on its head, if you are poor you will die sooner from malnutrition. If you noticed, a reduced fat product costs more than the regular version. What corporations are saying is, if we have to put ingredients that are actually good for you instead of fat, you will pay more for it. It’s peanut butter, not caviar.

The more I think about this eating thing, the more I realize it may not matter at all. I have no major health problems despite the fact that I have changed my diet 20 times over the last 21 years. I can climb several flights of stairs without getting winded and maintain a normal blood pressure level despite my job. Personally, I think I have been had by the diet gurus and nutrition experts. Time to go get my fat enriched ice cream and top it with the necessary quantity of double chocolate sauce.

Meditation – More Than Daydreaming


What is it with this meditation fad? Every time I think about meditation I think of yoga. Now I am told that yoga is not meditation but meditation is part of yoga. Holistic doctors are recommending it and there are a number of people who say it actually helps them make it through the day.

From what I understand, meditation is a relaxation method that is used to reduce stress levels and improve your overall health by taking your mind off of what stresses you and thinking peaceful and positive thoughts. Some people opt for a rhythmic song or chant as a way to keep them focused. The objective is to let the mind positively affect the entire body.

There is also supposed to be a spiritual or religious aspect to meditation. Some Eastern religions take credit for it being an inherent part of their culture – Tai Chi for example. Now while I am not an advocate of any religion, I do know that if something works you should use it. I don’t think I can fairly advocate it for everybody, but there seems to be enough evidence to make the try worthwhile.

The truth is, some of the music I listen to has a meditative rhythm to it. It relaxes me and I generally feel peaceful after half an hour of listening.