Sexy Mixer

So my friend just bought a new KitchenAid mixer after reading some reviews online and getting sold on the idea of having this amazing hand mixer. The way she goes on and on about it. This sexy mixer idea came to mind and I couldn’t help but write it down.

I see a beautiful creature on the counter. It has a round, luscious body – curvy and sexy. It is a female, of course, all rosy pink with sleek skin and a shiny crown on top with a sweet little ornament. She is happy and content with her life as she gets considerable attention, usually once a day. Some might say she is obese – but not me. She is perfect as is.

She winks at me from afar. So attractive this one. They don’t make them like this much – a special one-time, one-place being. Her coloring is exquisite and feminine and her cool pastel surface beckons to be touched. You can pat her, but don’t get too fresh. She could be fragile with too much handling.

You can change her attire when you want. She doesn’t mind. She has a variety of accessories and loves them all. They give her a new look, and what woman doesn’t relish the thought. In fact, she requires a change of tune now and then just for variety. You can slip something on her with ease. She will coo with delight.

She told me the other day that she had learned a lot of new things – tricks of the trade really. I should check them out. I am more than intrigued. How alluring she is, and what a tease! I am not always the one to hold her hand and turn her on. But I am ready, willing, and able. I know the fruits of passion.

She has a mate next to her. A little guy, but I am not threatened. He isn’t that useful around the house. Once in a while he can go for it, but we like her best in my household. When someone comes over, I show her off just for the fun of it. She is likeable to be sure.

That’s why she is always there and never relegated to a private place. She is a public person without fear of gapes and stares. She does like to be admired, of course, like any gal. Parts of her are a little tougher, however, and made of different stuff. She has a dual nature in essence. What I like best is her neck–strong like a man. She could take a beating, but not by me (or anyone I know!). I will protect her forever, as long as she graces my life. I value her friendship and try to let her know.

She enriches the world with her gifts and pleasures. She offers wonderful treats. She can transform almost anything, spinning it into a new realm of existence. She changes whatever she touches magically and mysteriously. It is in her nature and her purpose.

I won’t send her packing, this one. People tell me I don’t even realize how much she offers and that I should explore her more. Inside and out. She loves to be clean and I comply and happily assist. She loves a bubble bath with scented soap. Come and see her in all her glory at her best.

Time to Think

Do you get your best ideas under the hot rain shower? Or while running or walking? That is not unusual. Sometimes, the best ideas are born in a time of relaxation. Although, it may seem to you that the idea just came by itself without any real effort, you are wrong. Your brain is always doing something; even if you think like you are not thinking about anything, believe me, you are. The human brain is a mystery.

I often find myself getting the best ideas while showering. Maybe it sounds weird, but what can I say. I like long showers. I guess they help me relax and unleash all my creative juices. One thing that I have realized lately is that the first idea that comes to mind is the best one, I am not saying that all other ideas are bad, but the first thing that comes to my mind is something to hold on to. There is another way to come up with a solution of some a problem. For instance, talking to people of different backgrounds and jobs is helpful and can lead to a solution. Many people claim that the best ideas they ever had came to them while being under a deadline of some kind. Anything is possible. We all have different points of view; I guess we are all wired differently.

The water that runs down your body, the warmth, steam, acoustic room, a sensation of safety and relaxation are just some of the factors that explain why so many people sing under the shower. Why do people sing under the shower? It is difficult to name just one reason, but for me, there are two major reasons. I think that the bathroom is small enough and acoustically suitable room for such an activity. In fact, I have a shower head with a speaker in it so that I can sing along to my favorite tunes, listen to podcasts or even an audio book. The other reason is that I feel so relaxed, with the hot water, pleasant odors and the sensation of joy which makes me want to sing. While doing so, I come up with some of my best ideas.

I always think about the world and the things that surround me. Although, I would like to be more determined to take action more frequently than I do now. Mother Nature has given us as much as we need, but we are not satisfied with what we have. For instance, when the world would stop fighting, we would all realize just how lucky we are to have this beautiful planet to call home. There are so many extraordinary and beautiful living creatures on the world. It is enough just to lay back and be amazed at such beauty and diversity. How many wonderful color surround us each day, the flowers, the sky? All these thing I just named should be enough. Guess what? It all comes for free.

Well, these were some of the thoughts I had during a nice hot rainfall shower head on a beautiful rainy day. Yes, even though rainy day, still beautiful, peaceful and makes you think…

Vaccinations – I’m In No Doubt


As a kid, I hated getting vaccinated. As an adult, I am very much for them. The science is there that proves vaccinations prevent the contraction and spread of common diseases such as mumps, measles, and chicken pox that have kept no small number of children out of school decades ago. In case you are wondering, while most people simply go through the stages of the disease and recover, some die. It seems reasonable that if something can simply and safely be prevented, it should be.

What has happened recently is a movement to stop children from getting vaccinations based on religious or anti-science grounds. The result is an increasing recurrence of these common diseases, and they are spreading among the unvaccinated. The arguments against vaccination appear to be based on a number of cases that reportedly have resulted in increased numbers of autistic children, somehow connected to the ingredients in the vaccinations. Prominent scientists and medical experts have consistently expressed there is no danger to the public with the vaccinations. But it is a free country.

That said, it is one of those things that is impossible to intelligently discuss because both sides are not listening. Conspiracy theories aside, the scientific and medical evidence supports the positive effects of vaccinations for everyone. Which is where the problem actually exists. The people who argue against vaccinations because of their alleged high risk factor likely drive cars which pollute, use the Internet which also is anti-green in many ways, and take advantage of many of the technological advances that have been developed and created by the very science they argue against. Personally, what I would like to see is some consistency in their position. While it is true they cannot fight every battle – you have to pick and choose – some consistency would bring a more coherent argument from the vaccination opponents.

If one pays attention to the news, there are new and more deadly viruses that are mutated and cause worldwide concern because of our connected world. A new disease in the Middle East can reach the United States in hours. This is what the scientific and medical community need to be focusing on instead of answering the doubts of a minority, but whose actions can easily affect the majority. The fact of the potential cost to public health, which will come out of everyone’s pocket, is not to be ignored in this argument.