Cold Showers

When your brain is your best asset, you want to wake it up when it gets foggy and thoughts are muddled. You know, when you just wake up from a very deep sound sleep. In order to get the brain cells functioning, you can swivel your head right and left, stretch your neck and spine, drink some coffee, or go for a jog. It can work. But if you have tried a few tactics and the brain is still in no response mode, try a cold shower. I know, it doesn’t sound inviting, but it is quite invigorating. I can vouch for that. People, by the way, who don’t have hot water heating systems know what I mean.

So let the hot water heater have a rest or two as you undertake a new experience. Cold showers are not the norm, but they are effective. Get in there and let the flow of life take you over. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in liquid wonder. You will stay entranced. Let your brain slowly, but surely, awaken to a new day. This is the best way I know to shake off the sleep cobwebs.

The irony of this situation is that I had just purchased and installed a new hot water heating unit. I wanted a new tankless water heater because of the monetary savings in utility bills and also its appearance. The old one had seen better days anyway—very, very old– and needed to be lain mercifully to rest. I always like upgrading technology when I can, and tankless is the way to go these days so I am told. They are sleek as ever to take up less space, if that is a concern. They do the job with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You have no complaints.

But cold showers are not going to disappear just because I have a new strongman in the basement, raring to go. He will have his time very soon. Not everyone agrees with my views on showers, and not everyone gets brain fog. But if you pride yourself on clear thoughts at every part of the day, including the early morning, take heed.

Cold showers were probably invented for quick cleansing in the absence of electricity. They were manual and crude no doubt. With power behind them, they could provide soothing warmth, that is, unless it was a sizzling hot day. That’s when you learn to appreciate going au natural. There is nothing better on a humid, sweat-producing day than a cold shower to whisk away the blobs of sweat that are marring your jeopardized perfection.

Cold showers to me are the essence of life. They sparkle with flowing grace from an elixir of invigoration. Beads of water are little gems of action, rubbing your weary mind and body awake. Yes, it can be a surprise to the half-conscious, but that’s the whole point. Get in and get revived. That’s the goal, endgame, and entire purpose. You will not hesitate again when you are in need. Want something that works, take a cold shower!