A Guilty Pleasure

What are your guilty pleasures? Eating a box of Godiva chocolates? Watching Dumb and Dumber twice? Loving the rides at Disneyland? We all have them…but don’t always tell. It’s no one’s business what we do with our time. You need a break from the hard stuff now and then, a reprieve from work and routine obligations. Life is too short as they say, so why not load it up with some good times, even those that are frivolous at best.

I will not, let me repeat, not reveal all of them right here, right now. However, I have one harmless guilty pleasure that actually does some good. It has to do with this great power washer I borrowed from a friend. I was watching him wield this little dynamo one weekend to clean the driveway and garage floor and was mighty impressed. In no time, he had rid the surfaces of anything unwanted that tainted their purity. This was for me. I asked to borrow it, with the intention of buying one of my own in due time. I just had to give it a go.

I surveyed my property and soon came up with options. The driveway was okay—maybe later. But the front of the house was suddenly dirty and dingy to the naked eye. Why did I not notice or care before? Now I had a way to restore it to a like-new condition. I fueled the unit with gas so I didn’t need an attachment cord to trip over, got out the ladder, raised the washer on high—and the fun began. It was a blast, literally. Water spewed with a vengeance. There were a few hard-to-reach places, but it didn’t take more than a twist of the shoulders to include them in my crazy dance of cleanliness.

Now for the guilty part. So much wasted water! It’s not that a pressure washer needs that much or is inefficient. Actually, they work fast eliminating the need for gallons and gallons. The problem was that I was enjoying myself so much that I let the thing roar way too long. I loved adjusting the nozzle and seeing the different sprays that it would generate. I loved snapping the hose and testing the brushes. Most of all, I loved the results. The house looked great and would not need a paint job as I had assumed at the start. Wow! This is going to be a regular enterprise. Take my word for it. If you like working around the house and yard (or just need to), run out and get a power washer. I can think of many other uses. The big one is the car as the spray is gentle enough for even a brand new surface. I mentioned the driveway and garage. You can take care of the dog house, backyard shed, lawn equipment, and more—all in one day. You would save water that way. I should take heed!

My guilty pleasure satisfied, I will be a little more judicious next time with water. I promise.

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