Gluten Free – Celiac Not A Cop Out


I know several people with Celiac’s disease. Previously thought to be a figment of one’s imagination, research ahs concluded that it is indeed very real and can have significant debilitating effects on the patient. The short version is that Celiac’s disease is a person’s allergic reaction to eating foods that contain gluten. These foods are what are basic in most people’s diets – wheat flour, dairy products, and a number of carbohydrate based foods. Gluten free products have recently appeared on the supermarket shelves, but as usual, they are expensive.

Not everyone who has chosen to go gluten free suffers from Celiac’s disease. To some it is just a fad, a new diet that will supposedly make you more attractive or healthier. Unfortunately, this group seems to have their head in the clouds, not realizing that their need for attention takes away from the real problem those who are allergic to gluten face. Sometimes I don’t understand people. Part of it is what I wrote in my last post about vaccinations. Are people so self-absorbed that they cannot see beyond their own world? This may be a residual frustration from my last post. Still, if the fashionistas would draw attention to the problem rather than themselves, their quest to be fashionable would actually benefit someone other than themselves.

One problem with any dietary restriction is that these people are not able to fully enjoy the benefits of being an American and the many food choices that have become a part of our culture. For those who eat what they will, whether it is fashionable or just plain lust, people with Celiac’s are ignored because, well, it doesn’t affect them. It is a self-absorbed attitude that seems to be increasingly pervasive in the American culture. No, I am not singling out the youth because I see enough of that in my own generation.

There are people I know that say going gluten free even when they do not have Celiac’s has improved their health. One person has a thyroid condition that has abated because she opted for a gluten free diet. Others have stated that back problems, muscle aches, and a general tired feeling have stopped once they stopped eating foods containing gluten. Like meditation, I may not think it is for everyone, but if it works for them, it is worth a try.

Personally, I have not tried any gluten free food. I do not have Celiac’s disease (that I know of) and have the liberty to feed my face whatever it wants. I doubt that I am alone. And I also doubt that there are people who eat gluten free foods just because they can. It might taste better or simply be a different taste. This is America. But let’s not forget that some of thee things we enjoy, other people are unable to.