Meditation – More Than Daydreaming


What is it with this meditation fad? Every time I think about meditation I think of yoga. Now I am told that yoga is not meditation but meditation is part of yoga. Holistic doctors are recommending it and there are a number of people who say it actually helps them make it through the day.

From what I understand, meditation is a relaxation method that is used to reduce stress levels and improve your overall health by taking your mind off of what stresses you and thinking peaceful and positive thoughts. Some people opt for a rhythmic song or chant as a way to keep them focused. The objective is to let the mind positively affect the entire body.

There is also supposed to be a spiritual or religious aspect to meditation. Some Eastern religions take credit for it being an inherent part of their culture – Tai Chi for example. Now while I am not an advocate of any religion, I do know that if something works you should use it. I don’t think I can fairly advocate it for everybody, but there seems to be enough evidence to make the try worthwhile.

The truth is, some of the music I listen to has a meditative rhythm to it. It relaxes me and I generally feel peaceful after half an hour of listening.